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Dr Alessa Witt
Marketing Specialist Mittelstand, Germany GmbH

Alessa Witt webAlessa Witt is an independent, early-career researcher who holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh. She has lived and has gained extensive academic and business experience in both Germany and Great Britain.

Alessa’s main expertise focuses on so-called “Hidden Champions”, world market leading mid-cap niche players that occupy the top three industry positions in their defined market segments. Although these successful businesses are primarily found as part of the German Mittelstand, Alessa was one of the first to formally identify equivalents in Britain.

Her extensive research concludes that Britain inherits its own “Brittelstand”, consisting of over 50 successful Hidden Champions with remarkably similar German Mittelstand values, including long-term financing and family ownership.

Dr Witt has authored and co-authored key academic and policy publications on hidden champions and the Mittelstand, which includes the forthcoming encyclopaedia titled “The Best of the German Mittelstand”. She has lectured at the University of Edinburgh and the University of St. Andrews and has been invited to speak at various international academic and public policy-focused conferences.

In the past, she advised managers of leading businesses, consultancies and policy makers on the similarities, differences, applicability and transferability of the highly successful German “Mittelstand Model” to Great Britain.