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“Practical effects of Brexit” – a GBF discussion

German British Forum round table debate, Monday 25 June 2018 at The Reform Club with Lord Fox

The GBF board and guests from the media, politics and service sector met at the Reform Club on 25th June to debate alternative outcomes of the present Brexit negotiations as well as post Brexit Britain’s industrial strategy, corporate governance and skills issues. How would “no deal” a hard or soft Brexit affect manufacturing, the retail sector, financial services, law and logistics? It was an opportunity for senior German and British businesspeople to share their views with members of the press and politicians.

The aim was to provide a balanced view with negative, neutral and positive outcomes of Brexit. All participants expressed their appreciation of the event chaired by Lord Fox, Liberal Peer and spokesman for the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

With thanks to Oliver Lawson of Stevens & Bolton and Silke Schöling of AHK UK for the photography.

David Smith, economics editor at The Sunday Times. To his right: Oliver Schramm of the German Embassy and Johannes Haas of DZ Bank, his left are Dr Ulrich Hoppe of GBCIC and Richard Carter, BASF UK & Ireland

John Hammond (2nd left), Bob Bischof, Lord Fox, Heiner Boehmer of Heleba (foreground)

Dr Ulrich Hoppe, Richard Carter, Ingo Fischer, Will Stirling

Lord Fox (left), his right Patricia Godfrey of CMS and chair of the German British Chamber, Heiner Boehmer and guests debate Brexit outcomes

Ingo Fischer explains how border delays might effect delivery of goods in a no-deal scenario

Lord Fox

… and discussions continued in the garden