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Dr Rebecca Harding, Delta Economics

  • Speaker Role: Exports - Sponsor
  • Speaker Details: CEO of Delta Economics Dr Rebecca Harding will discuss various aspects of exporting

Dr Rebecca Harding is CEO of Delta Economics. She is an independent economist with an extensive background in modelling economic growth, trade, productivity, innovation and enterprise. Most recently her work has focused on the drivers of long-term growth globally and its relationship with financial systems. She has been an adviser to several governments, written almost 200 articles on economic issues, and held senior posts in leading academic, think-tank and corporate organisations.


Opportunities and Risks for SMEs and medium-sized businesses

Around 23% of Europe’s exports are accounted for by small and medium sized enterprises each year. This means that, in 2014 alone, SMEs will have contributed over €1tn in export value to the European economy. If this process is to be maintained, then SMEs need to understand where the opportunities lie, both within Europe and beyond. Dr. Rebecca Harding will look at where some of the key opportunities and risks are over the next 5-10 years and suggest how SMEs may be best placed to take advantage of them.

Registered delegates will be given complimentary access to Delta Economics’s unique trade platform during their attendance at the event. This data covers trade and trade opportunities for all countries at a sectoral level so that delegates can look at specific sectors and trade routes that they are interested in to understand the opportunities.