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Florian Schauenburg, The Schauenburg Group

  • Speaker Role: Exports – Schauenburg Group: Structural Change of a German “Familienunternehmen”
  • Speaker Details: CEO of the Schauenburg Group

Florian G. Schauenburg, holding a degree in business administration, is the CEO as well as main shareholder of The Schauenburg International Group, a German-based but international group of companies.

The Schauenburg Group looks back at a long company and family history and restarted 60 years ago as a traditional industrial manufacturing company. In nowadays the Schauenburg Group changed to an international industrial investment group focusing on niche technologies, manufacturing and trading in more than nine countries with more than 35 entities.

The focus of Schauenburg International Group as a strategic investor lies on niche technology manufacturing companies internationally in business fields such as electronic technologies, machinery and equipment, plastics processing or industrial engineering. The internationalization of the group started already in the early 60th and the international approach is still the main attention and strategy for the group.

Furthermore, Mr Schauenburg has a special interest in educational and social commitment, entrepreneurial responsibility as well as the economic impact of family-owned businesses, not only as German “Familienunternehmen”, but also internationally.

As such he is an active member of the board of several different international family trusts as well as academic institutions, Industrie- und Handelskammer or entrepreneurial and industrial associations.


Schauenburg Group: Structural Change of a German “Familienunternehmen”

Florian Schauenburg will describe a strategic change and internationalisation over the decades of a local manufacturing company to an international strategic investor focusing on industrial niche technology companies, by highlighting additional aspects such as the economic relevance and philosophy of German family owned businesses in the context of the current economic environment in Germany.