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Mario Ohoven, BVMW

  • Speaker Role: Keynote Speaker
  • Speaker Details: President of the German Association for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses (BVMW) and European President of CEA-PME

Mario Ohoven is an investment-banker, president of BVMW and European president of CEA-PME
For over 30-years Herr Ohoven has been successful in the field of investment banking and asset managing. In leading positions he has been instrumental for the development of tax-optimized investments. His group of companies is amongst the market leaders in its field with a total investment of more than 4 billion USD.

Mario Ohoven is the scion of one of the oldest German entrepreneurial families (hemp spinning and paper manufactory Ohoven) established in 1810.

He is known for his prognoses regarding the economy and the financial markets. In 2000 he warned about the decline of technology equities. 2001 he pointed out that certain US conglomerates are manipulating their balance sheets. In May 2007 he warned in detail about the fiasco of the financial markets. He is a respected keynote speaker of distinguished events and symposiums. His book “Die Magie des Power-Selling” was a bestseller for over 3 years, is in its 13th edition and was translated in 9 languages.

Since 1997 President of the BVMW senate. Since 1998 President of BVMW, the most powerful of the non-statutory SMEs-associations. The BVMW represents over 270,000 enterprises with about 9 million employees.

Since 2002 European President of CEA-PME, the European confederation of associations small and medium-sized enterprises (2 million enterprises with ca. 16 million employees).